Monday, June 27, 2011


Shaitan - what can i say about such, such weird, such crazy, such awesomely daring piece from bollywood. But first I have a confession to make. All these years I would look at bollywood movies as cheap gimmicks masquerading as entertainment sources from world biggest '-wood' serving one of the largest population of all - India. And to look at the statement I have just written, I won't deny that most of it is still true to its core, but with some rare display of brilliance in form of movies with a little hatke taste that makes you stop and force you to think, something ('concept of forcing to think') that is really and sorely missed from mainstream bollywood.

Shaitan has great cinematography and direction, that could specially be witnessed in the shooting of the shootout scene that is paralleled throughout with scenes of main characters running from site of murder through the stairs and terraces of old buildings with "khoya khoya chand" song given amazing background score and finally a soft landing on cotton truck giving the scene a perfect climax.

The contemporary issues are taken by many and but the frankness with which Shaitan has picturised them like the brutal reality of star girl's mom deed and the trauma and drama that has become part of our damsel in unending distress life, which for most part drives the movie on its 'getting high' and low paths to reach its realistic indian politicized end where anything and everything is untrue and the truth is what the power, politics and media says.

To discuss anymore will make this post a spoiler so I would let you guys decide the movies fate. To help you out a bit check out the imdb raiting:

The IMDB has rightly judged it as an 8 pointer Shaitan - IMDB, but somehow the movie title is missing from rotten tomatoes database, snobbish britishers!!

Somehow a good movie in all, thought not a must watch, but a great way to spend some quality time with bollywood.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Easy A

Well on a saturday night when annual fest is going on in my bschool, I decided to spend my time watching some simple and an easy on mind romantic hollywood movie depicting school time love stories. Why I choose this topic. I dont know, maybe because I grew up watching these beautiful romantic comedies of the 80s n 90s and always thought what it would be like to grow up in places and among people like that. Being myself a mix of outcast, geek, tall-stooped up guy in school while a great friend, cool and rebellious guy among my neighbourhood friends and relatives (especially among my cousins), I always looked forward to settling in US and achieve that American dream. But who knows maybe one day! maybe... (sigh!)

But whatever it was, I watched this latest movie on my laptop, a movie called "Easy A". Have to say after my few past experiences with movies of similar genre I had kept my expectations low, but this movie watching experience was unexpectedly good. It was both sweet and refreshing, and unlike movies of similar genre, this movie was not cheesy at all. It was actually anti-cheesy and throughout the movie made fun of all the clich├ęs.


'7.5 on IMDB and with 
'87%fresh on Rotten Tomatoes' the movie is a good one time watch and a great time-pass.

Personally I would go with IMDB rating, it’s definitely a 7 pointer with atleast .5 added but missed to be an 8 pointer as it lacked that bang, that something that make you regret missing the movie.

In one line: time well spent but won’t be remembered for long.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have been waiting for this week for almost all the past year since the last Academy Awards passed into history. So cheer up guys, time has come, earth has revolved round the sun (without an error, gosh!) and Oscars are knocking at our doors once again and will reach us through television screens in less then a day... so you too, alongside me, starts celebrating Oscar week at home :)

In the name of celebrations I've till now, this week, seen these Oscar nominated movies:
  •  Avatar,
  • An Education,
  • The most dangerous man in America,
  • In the Loop,
  • A Serious Man,
  • The Blind Side,
  • Precious,
  • Up in the Air,
  • Invictus,
  • Julie & Julia,
  • The Messenger.
In next 1-2 days I'm going to see the following:
  • Crazy Heart,
  • The White Ribbon,
  • The Men Who Stare at Goats,
  • The Informant,
  • The Road
(although the last three are not present on Oscar's list :P)
Already seen beforehand: :D

  • District 9,
  • Inglourious Basterds,
  • The Hurt Locker,
  • Up,
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,
  • Food, Inc.

so anyone who needs to know about these movies before they try there hands on watching them can have a chit-chat with me...

n if you are at my college then you can even have a personal copy of these movies from me (except the ones in the list named 'Already seen beforehand')... keep having Oscar's movie marathons

First Post

After few days on, trying my hands on blogger...
hope to be here for long :)